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A Vision

Image“He explained that the majority of children trafficked to Greece were sold or sent willfully by parents who knew they were trading a child’s life for cash.”

“When Mr. Tarnecuillert first came to Albania to work on child trafficking, he received a warning from a judge on the International Criminal Court: “Work on child trafficking for sexual exploitation, begging, what have you. Work on child trafficking for organ harvesting and you’re dead.”

“Despite the risks, efforts to combat child organ harvesting must be escalated. There is no crime more disgraceful than murdering innocent children, profiting from the removal of their hearts, livers, kidneys, and eyes and then tossing out the remains like refuse.”

Excerpts from “Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery” by Siddharth Kara

       I guess in my mind I see Jesus weeping over the body of a young boy whose eye sockets are empty, not just closed. His insides have been carved out and sold. I’m a visionary and I can feel the sorrow as I see it in my mind.

         It is difficult to imagine an evil so loved or so profitable that the protection of it would be greater than that of sex trafficking or forced begging. I know that the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were infamous for their evil but I can’t imagine a greater evil than what is being carried out in Albania and other parts of the world. Buying children to harvest their organs is truly a dark and heinous evil. Instantly in my heart I knew: We will be judged one day for this. God help us.

          It isn’t just these men, or the people who participated either. I, in my mind, see Jesus being forced to comfort these children in their deaths because we, as a church, were unwilling to comfort them in their lives. As a church we will be judged one day for this. In that day the veil of ignorance which we hold so tightly to in this life will be torn away and we will be forced to come to terms with the disparity between what could have been and what was. The pass into heaven will be tainted with regret because though God is gracious and he welcomes all who call on his name we will not be able to escape the fact that we missed the heart of God while we lived. And isn’t that the greater evil?

        I know that the power of God is greater than the strongholds of evil in Albania. It will cost a great deal to the church…it will cost money and lives. But the power of Christ will break those chains and lead a revival in that country such that the world has never seen. But that will only happen if the blessed Christians of this church will give: give their lives and their money. It isn’t just about Albania either. It is about the lost who are cast down by our society which Christ will welcome with open arms not just in their death but in their life as well if the church would go. What I hear in church is that we want Jesus to be with us where we are. But it will require us going where Jesus is if we want to see the world changed by his power–if we want to see freedom for the lost.


         In Luke chapter 18 when Jesus tells the rich young ruler to sell all that he has and give it to the poor, have treasure in heaven, and come follow him, the bible says he walks away with great sorrow for he was very rich. The American church has been very blessed financially. We are the richest church in the world. We have kept all of the laws and read all the prophets like the rich young ruler. We praise with expensive equipment, we build large buildings, and attend bible study every week. We know the scriptures we vote for the right party, we have done that from the very beginning. But Jesus is calling us to give all of our riches to the poor and come follow him. But we walk away from Jesus very sorrowful because we have much. And we have squandered his blessings on safety and convenience instead of making disciples of nations. Some will be called to Albania, and others will be called to give to them. But we can’t afford to hold on to our blessing and riches any longer. We have the answer, are we really too afraid to even break into our own communities, sacrifice our time and our money to welcome people into our lives and show them Jesus? Is our security so dependent on our money (not just our money but our abundance of money) that sponsoring missions or missions organizations who are willing to give their lives bringing the gospel and rescuing the lost is too risky? I’m not asking you to be radical, I’m asking you to do what Jesus did in the bible–live your life through the lens of reaching the lost around you for Jesus.

            I think God wants to speak to you about this. He wants to speak on a personal note in your heart. Where have you walked away very sorrowful because he asked you to give everything up and follow him? Can you hear his voice asking you to follow him instead of the law and the prophets? Where have you squandered his blessing? What’s keeping you from going where he is instead of whining that he’s not where you are?

            You may not live next to an Albanian child who is being trafficked for his organs, but you do likely live next to someone who doesn’t know Jesus who is hurting. Reach out to them and invite them into your family to show them Jesus. Don’t worry, he is with that person already. Yes it will get messy. Yes it will cost you, but the kingdom of God is like a pearl of great price that when a man finds it he sells everything he has to buy it.