Never Leave


I could be here all night, just praying it wouldn’t end

Pretending that it was alright, that this is more than just pretend

More than a game of make believe

Where all my hopes aren’t here to deceive

My heart into further disappointment

Your touch the gentlest ointment

For a lifetime of sorrow

A lifetime I’ll return to tomorrow

Just please let me sit one more night with you

And pretend that this mirage is somehow true

Or true enough to transcend

This fairytale land

And infiltrate the world that I call real

I’m too desperate to allow myself to feel

That reality knocking on my conscious door

“Please, please just one minute more”

I say, drowning out the knocking

And the satanic voices mocking

The deep internal fire

Growing quickly to desire

Daring bravely to believe

That you might hold me once and never leave.


Solitary Refinement

You said go I went And you sent Me Into adversity   I struggled through Until I knew You’d said “you’re done” And so I’ve come And came To wait Alone   You say change I shift I create a … Continue reading