Never Leave


I could be here all night, just praying it wouldn’t end

Pretending that it was alright, that this is more than just pretend

More than a game of make believe

Where all my hopes aren’t here to deceive

My heart into further disappointment

Your touch the gentlest ointment

For a lifetime of sorrow

A lifetime I’ll return to tomorrow

Just please let me sit one more night with you

And pretend that this mirage is somehow true

Or true enough to transcend

This fairytale land

And infiltrate the world that I call real

I’m too desperate to allow myself to feel

That reality knocking on my conscious door

“Please, please just one minute more”

I say, drowning out the knocking

And the satanic voices mocking

The deep internal fire

Growing quickly to desire

Daring bravely to believe

That you might hold me once and never leave.


The Fight Against Boredom

The Fog of Boredom

People are bored.

I see it everywhere. Boredom. Do you see it?

I see tired faces strolling the cracked sidewalks, looking for satisfaction. Boredom is in their heart, and it is heavy. I can read it on their face. It is in their work, free time, love life, friendships, hobbies, night life, home life, etc. Boredom takes over.

Can you escape it?

Kierkegaard said, “Boredom is the root of all evil.”

You need to fight boredom. Don’t let it consume you anymore! But what weapons do you have when everything seems rusted over? What do you do when you have allowed yourself to become cynical about everything?

If you’re bored all of the time, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who am I living for?

Are you living for yourself? How is this affecting your relationships? I wrote remarkably short article here, explaining that the only cure for boredom is to find a saturating identity from your Father in heaven, which will propel you forward to a life on mission and purpose. If God exists, then he does not want you to be bored. He has things for you to do. Life with God is not about rules and regulations. It is about joining Him in what He is already doing here on earth, for the good of His eternal Kingdom.

  • Who are you living with?

We were created to do life together. We have naturally always been a part of an extended family, a tribe. However, our culture now admires individuals who lead highly independent and self-sufficient life. We want the security and control of having everything we own in front of us. But if you don’t let anyone into your life, you are not going to get anything out of life. You will become lonely, and bored. Find people you can trust and let them in.

  • What am I researching?

Many people quit learning once they have graduated from college or high school. The effect of this is that your brain goes from engaged to deranged. Reading fresh material and exploring new subjects opens up your mind to be creative and useful. Without continuous learning, you will drive yourself crazy, constantly referring back to the same lazy information that you have known for the past three years.

The fight against boredom is not a lost cause. You can beat this. Do not get cynical. Pursue things deeper than your current reality. You do not have everything figured out. Do not stay bored. Go out and find a life worth living.


Struggling with boredom?

  1. Write down a takeaway from this post.
  2. Decide which question you need to ask yourself.
  3. Write down one action step you can do tomorrow to fight boredom.
  4. Do it.

The Need for Creativity

What did I learn from this video?

This video was made by Jefferson Bethke from Washington state. While many are arguing about Jefferson’s theological presentation and how he could be spreading some sort of false message (which confuses me: why sow more and more seeds of division on something that is successful and good?), I am looking at something completely different. In just under a month, Jefferson’s video has jumped up to 11.4 million views (as of now). Is it because of his content? Maybe. Is it because of his message? Partly. What is the aspect that sticks out to me the most?

Quality, Creativity, Style, and YouTube.

YouTube is the most public platform in the world, and there is a lack of videos by Christians which are creative and have decent quality. All the creative videos which are worth watching are usually by intelligent and trendy pastors who charge everyone around $20 to watch it! The result: The Christian videos which are freely put on YouTube are normally characterized as being cheesy and incredibly confusing to people who outside the faith.

What I learn from Jefferson is that when you make something worth watching, people will watch it. Let’s set aside pride and wallets and use YouTube as a means to influence culture with the goodness of the Gospel. And jeeze… can we encourage our brothers and sisters who getting creative and stop being so stinkin’ meticulous so that we can get our name out there. I’m all for sharing the true gospel, but seriously… Jefferson’s video promoted the goodness of Jesus and advanced the Kingdom of God. Let’s focus on humility and excellence, and get creative.