Solitary Refinement

You said go I went And you sent Me Into adversity   I struggled through Until I knew You’d said “you’re done” And so I’ve come And came To wait Alone   You say change I shift I create a … Continue reading

The Final Frontier

“Virtual reality IS the final frontier.” Anderson over stated. He stood over his kitchen table, strewn with old pizza boxes, spam mailers, and his 27” plasma monitor displaying computer code. “We have to keep the platform adaptable for users to … Continue reading


poemIt’s the Voices

I think.

Or maybe, it’s my choices

Leading me to the brink

Of the edge of my dreams

Whether insanity or heroism, it seems

Entirely depends

on the people observing them

Their voices

Chatter noiseless

But so loud in my mind

Cloud my searching to remind

Myself why I am here

Just ignore my fear

Though it mounts

And mounts



I’m sure it’s worth it, in the end

But still useless to pretend

That it doesn’t kill

As much as it resurrects

It’s futile to protect

That which I love

For once I have it—it’s gone

And once given away—it’s won

A kingdom paradox

We have justice

And forgiveness

We serve to lead

And by becoming slaves we are freed

Sacrificing who I am

Reminds me that I’m a human

That which I hold always turns to sand

Unless it dies to be reborn again

I swallow sorrow to be healed

Become vulnerable so I can feel

Again And again

Until there’s nothing but what I’m hoping in:

that my dreams are worth my life.

That the world of kingdom impossibilities

Won’t wither away and die.

And in spite of our choices

Or our voices

Everything I’ve given away will be made knew

And all that I believe in, proven true