New Years Revolution

I am an idealist. Myers Briggs told me so.

As an iNtuitive, I love conceptualizing about the future, the possible, and the uncharted territory around me. I prefer to look at what could be rather than what currently is. Tie that with the fact that I am also a Feeler, one who processes information through emotions and values, and you have one warm, fuzzy, positive, encouraging, glass-half full SOB. That’s me.

And my idealist self is truer than ever when the new year is approaching.

Every year between December 15th-31st, I start planning out how I am going to lose 15 pounds, set a budget, and conquer the world during the upcoming year.

But it never happens.

Don’t get me wrong, I love transitional moments. I believe there is something innate inside us that is constantly looking for a fresh start. That’s the beauty of grace, everyday is a new start. And I can see how the transition from one calendar year to the next can seem monumental.

But recognize that there is no better moment than now to start working on yourself.

Do not wait for the future to start managing your goals!

Let’s start a New Years Revolution and get a head start on our resolutions. Maybe if we can keep it up till midnight, the new year will carry us farther than we thought it would.


Start/Stop Exercise

  • Start: What habits or activities do you want to make part of your daily/weekly/monthly rhythm which you know will be healthy for your overall well-being? (Examples: exercise, resting, reading, journaling, yoga, prayer, budgeting) You decide.
  • Stop: We all have things that we are apart of which take up our time, drain our energy, and add nothing to our overall well-being. Analyze your life rhythms and isolate the ones which really are not for your benefits. Create a plan to end these rhythms before the beginning of the new year.


Last week in Maryland, a girl named Chelsea was hit by a mack truck and died. I know this because I decided to be a Christian and not a coward.

I was in route to help my fiance move out of her college apartment in Philadelphia. Traffic was a nightmare. 26.2 miles in two hours. I was belligerent.

My stomach was growling, and it was time to pull over. I chose to go to McDonald’s because they have free WiFi, and I needed to download an audiobook to my Kindle. I took the next exit.

I will spare the details of what I ordered. It was bad for me, and my body still regrets it. All you need to know is that my audiobook was downloading a little slower than I expected, so I decided to wait it out.

After about 15 minutes of waiting, two men sat at the table across from me. One I recognized as the manager, a 50ish-year-old Indian man whose uniform was ironed and whose shoes were squeaky clean. The other, a 16 year old African-American kid with a variety of facial piercings, some dark make up around his eyes, and a skateboard.

“A job interview” I wondered. “No, I can tell these guys are friends… Why are they friends?” They were 7ft away from me. Eavesdropping was inevitable.

Quickly I noticed that the boy was weeping.

He was talking about a girl, Chelsea. Her smile, her laugh, memories, and the wreckage that took her away. There was no explanation. He was supposed to see her that night. Then she was gone.

My heart broke.

“What the heck am I supposed to do?” I thought to myself. “Something. Right? I’m a Christian. Christians love people. A Christian would at least offer to pray wouldn’t they?”

My mind began to race. “Why am I so scared?” Doubts poured in.

“They have each other” I thought. “They don’t need me to come in and be all religious.”

But I could not shake the impulse. I was there. I had to act. When humanity was in despair, God did not just sit back in His plastic bench and eat His  french fries. He intervened. He embraced the brokenness. He was born in a manger and eventually died on a cross.

They stood up and we naturally made eye contact.

“You lost a very close friend.” I whispered. “I’m so sorry.”

A moment passed.

I asked to pray for them. We prayed. Other customers watched. The boy left to go smoke a cigarette, but had left his stuff there. When he walked back in he instinctively sat down with me.

We talked about Chelsea. We were silent together. He asked about me, then I asked about him. I spoke peace and encouragement into his life. He came from a broken family.

Everyone thinks he is a screw-up. I didn’t think that.

And I was there to tell him.

Where is God when everything falls apart? Isn’t that the question people ask during times of crisis.

When you see tragedy, are you going to step into the brokenness, or are you going to walk away?

Because if we continue to walk away from people, then we are going to continue to wonder why it is so hard to feel connected with the Father. It is time to walk the path of brokenness with those who are hurting. It is time to set aside our insecurities and love people. It is a hard road to follow, but it is worth it. Love is worth it.

Jesus said “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”


“Father, I pray for Chelsea and her family and friends. Lord, let you Kingdom come here on earth as it would in Heaven. Give them everything they need to get through this tragedy. Let your grace fall on them. Lord, be a light to guide them on the path of brokenness. Give them comfort. Keep them from further evil – temptation and the enemy. Raise up more saints to speak words of life to them. Amen”

The Fight Against Boredom

The Fog of Boredom

People are bored.

I see it everywhere. Boredom. Do you see it?

I see tired faces strolling the cracked sidewalks, looking for satisfaction. Boredom is in their heart, and it is heavy. I can read it on their face. It is in their work, free time, love life, friendships, hobbies, night life, home life, etc. Boredom takes over.

Can you escape it?

Kierkegaard said, “Boredom is the root of all evil.”

You need to fight boredom. Don’t let it consume you anymore! But what weapons do you have when everything seems rusted over? What do you do when you have allowed yourself to become cynical about everything?

If you’re bored all of the time, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who am I living for?

Are you living for yourself? How is this affecting your relationships? I wrote remarkably short article here, explaining that the only cure for boredom is to find a saturating identity from your Father in heaven, which will propel you forward to a life on mission and purpose. If God exists, then he does not want you to be bored. He has things for you to do. Life with God is not about rules and regulations. It is about joining Him in what He is already doing here on earth, for the good of His eternal Kingdom.

  • Who are you living with?

We were created to do life together. We have naturally always been a part of an extended family, a tribe. However, our culture now admires individuals who lead highly independent and self-sufficient life. We want the security and control of having everything we own in front of us. But if you don’t let anyone into your life, you are not going to get anything out of life. You will become lonely, and bored. Find people you can trust and let them in.

  • What am I researching?

Many people quit learning once they have graduated from college or high school. The effect of this is that your brain goes from engaged to deranged. Reading fresh material and exploring new subjects opens up your mind to be creative and useful. Without continuous learning, you will drive yourself crazy, constantly referring back to the same lazy information that you have known for the past three years.

The fight against boredom is not a lost cause. You can beat this. Do not get cynical. Pursue things deeper than your current reality. You do not have everything figured out. Do not stay bored. Go out and find a life worth living.


Struggling with boredom?

  1. Write down a takeaway from this post.
  2. Decide which question you need to ask yourself.
  3. Write down one action step you can do tomorrow to fight boredom.
  4. Do it.