The Tail of truth


I took the truth with me,

Then carelessly went out to sea…


I hoisted truth into the sky

High on my mast so my ship could fly

Through the sea with the wings of wind

And I could venture to the world’s end


When the storms were raging—wailing

And forceful winds made truth pull tight

I tossed the truth overboard to anchor me at night

I used truth with special care

As the bowels of my ship creaked, leaked

To gently repair the well worn cracks

truth faithfully filling my own skill’s lack


I was cold and truth covered me

I was burning and it was my shade tree

I became hungry, so I ate it

The sun was hot so I drank it

And then truth ran out…


What will I do now all my truth is gone??

That I should run out of truth seems so wrong

So I set out to manufacture more

But though I searched shore after shore

I could not find how truth was made

And so humbly I bade

Farewell to truth


Until one day, very desperate had I grown

I went to wisdom and asked her to loan

Me some of her truth

She had so much, might she spare

a small morsel from her sacred care?

“you cannot own truth,” she answered

“it is not yours, nor is it mine.

Your pathetic purposes I find

Abused all the truth you used

There is not enough truth in this world alive

that under those terms could survive

for very long.”

She paused a moment, and then she said

“You have used the Truth, Instead

let the Truth use you.”


Supposing the statement true

I took the Truth wisdom gave me

And threw myself on Truth’s mercy


Truth resistedly refused my interpretations

And all weak pithy inspirations

about what truth was.

So I made Truth my captain

Faithfully following commands

And principles and postulates

Truth instructed me when I was lacking

If unsure, Truth was there for the asking

And in the darkest of darkness

Truth became my compass

–my course

Truth sailed the opens seas

boldly, confidently, with me

To the elements it would not yield

From seasons change it needed no shield

For many years the Truth and I boldly roamed

And in the end it was Truth who brought me safely home


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