Walden 2010: Dear Diary…

In celebration of the five year anniversary of my experience in living out of my car, I am posting a series of journal entries never before revealed. The hope of my Walden series is to share both a journey and a story of my attempts to live and find a real and living God. I hope the snippets entertain and inspire you as much as my experience of them has entertained and inspired me.

Journal entry April 1st, 2010

 “... Somewhere in all of this is God, calling me forth.


I want to believe—I want to share—the artist is the one who breathes my identity, not the academic. It is the artist which put’s the ‘eyes’ on the dragon of my academic life. No one will believe me but it’s true.

This is not a lesson about experiencing the lives of poor people. If it were it would be an insult to them. I have been poor all of my life. Idaho City rated very low on the socio-economic scale. I didn’t know I was poor until I came to Northern Virginia. But anyways, what does it matter? I’m alive, or as alive as I can feel. And so the car—well yes—it’s as much a goal to understand as much as to be understood. This life is not about social norms and convenience.

IMG_1152 copy

My life will tell a good story, even if I have to die doing it. I’ll die doing it one-way or the other…It’s not something I have a choice in.”


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