Walden 2010: Un-events

In celebration of the five year anniversary of my experience in living out of my car, I am posting a series of journal entries never before revealed. The hope of my Walden series is to share both a journey and a story of my attempts to live and find a real and living God. I hope the snippets entertain and inspire you as much as my experience of them has entertained and inspired me.

Car Blog Entry #2

April 1st. I moved into my car…

…and nothing happened.

images-11It’s the bent up hope and expectation for a choir of angles to shine through your car window. A choir of angles or a group of hoodlums looking to rape you…never really quite sure which is most likely. Neither, I suppose, because that’s what happened. Neither.

The first few nights were uneventful, if uncomfortable.

Sometimes I think I make too much of what I am doing. A friend told me once that if you’re doing something that nobody else would do than you’re on the right track because everyone else was messed up. I don’t necessarily take such a dim view of the world; however, I don’t feel like I’m living in my car for some philosophical experience. I’m just doing it because it’s different, because I want my life to be a story worth re-telling. There is so much going on in life right now. I can hardly see it flying by me and I wonder sometimes if I will remember these moments or if they will be a the wash that I see right now.


On a more practical note:

I had scouted out places on campus where I would be able to park and be out of the way. There is a great benefit to parking on campus. It’s close and it is patrolled by campus security (which turned out to be a two sided coin). It is also so well lit that no matter where I parked it was daylight inside my car. This posed two problems: if you’re sleeping in your car you want it dark so you can sleep, but also so people don’t notice you’re inside. Most people don’t look at a white Saturn SL1 and think there is anything inside of it worth stealing, but the person walking by might look inside if it is well lit.

Parking off campus was a risk: I wasn’t protected under my GMU student ID. I don’t get the impression that Fairfax County Police would take such a humorous view of my endeavors as the GMU Campus police did. Also the cliental of the George Mason Campus is not one of violence or crime (necessarily), I could not be assured of that if I were to park across the street at Giant…or at Walmart say.

So, I hung my towel from the window and stuffed my gym bag on the shelf in the back window and tried to pretend it was dark out.


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