Love God With All Your Mind (part 1)

A New Series

Recently there has been a concept that I have longed to expound upon.  It is a big topic that God has been revealing to me in a number of different ways.  So, I believe I am going to do a few of posts looking at this topic from a few different perspectives. Directly, this concept comes from the mouth of Jesus in one of his most weighty statements in scripture:

Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the law. Jesus replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment“. – Matthew 22:36-38

Part 1

One of the greatest failures of the church today has been the ability to produce thinking Christians.  Christians who ask the “why” questions and who investigate the reasons behind why they believe what they believe.  I have found that a common notion of non-believers is that Christians are operating on blind faith alone, chasing after some invisible god.  This is a sad notion.  Yet, I must humbly admit that I can see why it has ground.

Now do not get me wrong (or get mad at me) =] .  I am not taking faith out of anyone’s equation.  Without a degree of faith how is anyone supposed to honestly pursue God?  But I think if we are very honest with ourselves, we could admit that asking ourselves tough questions isn’t our cup of tea.

Why I Bring This Up.

Can I be vulnerable for a second?  One thing that has enrageed me a great deal in my time studying has been when I watch Youtube videos of people, from young high-schoolers to elderly scholars, blaspheming the name of God essentially for self-liberation.  But it is not their comments against God that upset me, it is their comments about Christians.

Here is one of the most well spoken examples I could find:

 So did this guy list 5 logically sound arguments against the existence of God or did he spout off about  how his experience with Christians has been a disgusting one?  Here he is again with a bit more of an argument.

Now is any of the historical data that he is reading even remotely accurate?  Do you know? Lets see what this girl has to say about her faith?

In this 15 year old girl’s deep philisophical conclusion, did she provide compelling evidence against Christianity?  Did she dismantle the great scholars of the past disproving a loving God? NO, she just asked questions in an environment that scorned critical thinking and pushed her away.  Should the church, who claims to be in relationship with the most intelligent being in the universe, be afraid of this kind of thinking?  As I am writing this I can feel myself pulling us away from my main point a little bit, so let me bring this back around.

The Challenge

This post is meant to be a driving force for you to go out and learn.  To use the incredible and powerful brain that God gave you and ask yourself the tough questions.  Learn what atheists and other worldviews are saying about your beliefs.  Find the questions that are leading people away from their faith and inspiring them to come to the rash conclusion, “maybe God just doesn’t exist”.

Loving God with all of your mind means challenging yourself.  It means not just settling on what you hear but going out to investigate.  You investigate by going out to learn about the amazing topics of philosophy and apologetics.  It  includes learning about other religions and worldviews that you do not believe.

This is a challenge.  There is an intellectual emergency in the church.  How many people are we going to let slip by becuase we are afraid or unable to speak up with a rational defense.  Today, Christians have an incredible case for Christ.  Are you informed?  Here is the challenge: To love God with your mind by understanding why you believe what you believe.

You can check out my resource page to get a good start. Happy Learning!


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